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Mud Effective Face Cleanser 120g

泥パックもできちゃう!負担をかけずにつるスベ素肌へ。 たどり着いたのは「泥」でした!
泥練洗顔 120g
泥練洗顔 120g泥練洗顔 120g泥練洗顔 120g泥練洗顔 120g泥練洗顔 120g泥練洗顔 120g
ブランドitten cosme,Inc.
Product description: Carefully selected from the 6 kinds of close repetitively and mud and dirt and sebum adsorption and make sure you metoru mud (clay) face. ru-bi-soruto・aruganoiru blend. After washing face, tone the skin protect your much taste. · Tighten · Dermatologist dropping through the protection function of the 3 pieces envelop you in it and wash normally. Mud Pack also available.

With a single Mud Effective Face Cleanser, you can use three ways!

◆ Natural Wash Facial Ordinary Skin · Oily Skin
① Take an appropriate amount (about 3 to 4 cm) in the palm of your hand, add a small amount of water, lightly whisk while kneading.
② spread over the whole face, wash so as to massage gently.
③ Finally rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.

◆ Dense foam cleansing dry skin·sensitive skin
① Take a proper amount (about 2 to 3 cm) into a lightly wet lather net and lather well.
② spread the foam over the face and wash it so that gently massaging with foam cushion.
③ Finally rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.

◆ Adhesive mud pack Special care
① Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and apply it thickly to the whole face or anxious part.
② After about 60 seconds, let's rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water at the end.
③ We recommend partial packs such as T zone where rough opening of pores is worrisome and rough with jaws.
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